Building Standards

Service changes during COVID 19

COVID 19 Update

Given the current unprecedented times, West Lothian Council building standards will continue to operate as normal a service as possible during these current circumstances. All members of staff are working remotely.  We will continue to strive to provide as normal a service as possible, however it is inevitable that the level of service may not be to the same as in normal operating times.

As a result of remote working, we can currently only process electronic submissions at this time. Therefore we would strongly encourage you to submit any application via the e-building standards portal.

Officers are still available to discuss any current application that has been submitted and you can contact the relevant officer by email.

We remain committed to assessing and granting building warrants within the timeframes set out in our Customer Charter.

Site Inspection

It is with a sense of disappointment, but realisation, that West Lothian Council Building Standards will no longer be able carry out any more site inspections at this time. That being said, there are provisions in place for this that have been set out by Building Standards Division to allow the occupation of new build houses, should that be required.

How this can be achieved is set out below:

If your project is complete we would advise you to submit an Application for Temporary Occupation or Use. This form can be found at - Building Standards model forms (Model Form E).  The Application for Temporary Occupation or Use should be submitted along with all other relevant certification referred to in your Construction Compliance Notification Plan (CCNP).  This way we can, subject to satisfactory alternative evidence issue a Temporary Occupation Certificate.

The alternative evidence should include but not be limited to digital photographs or video or preferably a skype call or similar video sharing should be utilised with the case officer. If you use a skype call please email the case officer to arrange a suitable time to carry out the Skype call.

When the Covid-19 situation is deemed to be under control, we will then carry out a non-disruptive survey of the property prior to accepting the Completion Certificate.

During this period we would ask you to record & retain alternative evidence for your project such as photographs to help confirm compliance during construction. Consider photographs of drainage, pre plaster stage, cavity barriers and wall ties etc. This will be used by building standards in the determination of the Completion certificate.

You should continue to email to request all visits as normal. This will allow us to record what stage each plot / project is at during the construction process.

We appreciate your cooperation at this time and if you have any queries regarding any of the above please contact

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