Applying for a Building warrant / Amendment to warrant / Extension to warrant

If you are proposing to construct, extend, alter, demolish or convert a building, a building warrant is required

Online applications using e-building standards Building warrant applications can now be submitted through the e-buildingstandards portal.

Almost all new building work including building a house extension or installing a new patio door in place of a window, through to altering commercial buildings or erecting new buildings needs the granting of a Building Warrant before work starts and the acceptance of a completion certificate submission when work is completed to ensure that it is safe to use and fit for its purpose.

Building Standards ensure that all new or altered buildings comply with the building regulations which set the national standards for health and safety. The detailed requirements of each building regulation are contained in the technical handbooks.

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Before submitting a building warrant, please note, if the application has been registered and you decide to withdraw the application there is no refund of the fee.

How do I apply for a building warrant?

When submitting an application for building warrant,

  • The application form (model form A) should be completed correctly
  • Plans submitted for approval should be prepared to a professional standard and to a recognised scale, for paper submissions three copies of all plans and specifications are required with the initial submission
  • The Icon for pdf building warrant fee [62.29KB] should be submitted along with the application
  • Your application will be checked for approval and you or your agent will be notified of any changes required
  • When your proposals are deemed to comply with the building regulations we will grant a building warrant.

What happens after I have applied for a building warrant?

The time taken to process building warrant applications will vary according to current demand which lies outwith our control and is subject to resources available. However, we aim to ensure an assessment of your proposal has been carried out within 20 working days of receiving the building warrant application. Our Icon for pdf service standard [473.01KB] lets you know what you can expect from us.

How do I get an extension on my building warrant?

The original building warrant is valid for a period of 3 years from the date the building warrant is granted. Note any subsequent stage or amendment expires on the date of expiry of the original building warrant.

A building warrant may be extended by submitting an extend period of validity application form (model form C) and paying the £100 application fee. The first extension is for 9 months and any further extension is at the discretion of the building standards manager. This form can also be completed online through the eBuildingStandards portal.

How do I make an amendment to my building warrant?

An amendment to building warrant application will be required where any part of the work does not follow the proposals approved in the original building warrant. The amendment  to building warrant will be processed in the same way as the application for building warrant. If the value of works has increased by less than £5000 from the original value then a £100 fee is payable.

The exact inspections required will be indicated on your Construction Compliance Notification Plan (CCNP), this document is provided to the applicant and agent along with the approved building warrant. It is important to notify building standards in line with the CCNP. Failure to do so may result in areas previous completed having to be exposed to allow an inspection by the building standards surveyor.

How do I change the appointed agent details?

If you wish you can Icon for pdf change [106.82KB] the appointed agent details at any stage of the building warrant process, this can also be done online.

Further information?

The full legislation covering the building warrant process is available from the Scottish Governments  website including the technical handbooks. Further information on the certification process covering Certificates of Design and Certificates of Construction can be found on the certification register. This register is the only source of information on Approved Certifiers and Approved Bodies in Scotland.