Your Home

Information about your new home and managing it.

When you accept the keys for your new home you will sign a legal document called a Tenancy Agreement. The tenancy agreement is the most important document you have for your new home. Your Community Housing Officer will have gone through it with you when you signed it and will have highlighted the main rights you have as a council tenant and also your responsibilities. 

When you start a new tenancy the property should meet Icon for pdf this standard. [42.66KB].

Moving house
If your circumstances change
Ending your tenancy

Planned Maintenance, Repairs, Improvement and Insurance
A Mutual Exchange is where a council tenant swaps houses with another Secured Scottish Tenant of the council, another Registered Social Landlord, or another local authority.
At some stage in your life you may find that your home is no longer suitable for you. This may be because you find the layout of the house difficult if you are ill, elderly or disabled.
Some tips on Preparing For Your New Home
This is a grant which will be awarded to Council Tenants to help them move from a house they are seriously under-occupying, to a house more suitable for their needs, which is at least 2 bedrooms smaller.