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Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to access our services, help and information when it is convenient for you.

Due to the ongoing and developing situation with COID-19 Coronavirus, our Customer Service centre have currently a small number of staff available to handle your enquiries by telephone or email.  Therefore we will be dealing with emergency situations only.  If you are unsure if your issue is an emergency please call us on 01506 280000.

You can access many of the council's service online. Find updated information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Information and Updates

  • Repairs - The Council are responding to emergency repairs including gas emergency repairs.  Any routine maintenance issues will be addressed in due course.   This will be reviewed again mid-April. 
  • Recycling & Waste Management - Please note that all Recycling Centres are closed and bulky uplifts have been suspended until further notice. Waste Management are prioritising bin collections.
  • Payments- Our offices are currently not accepting cash payments.  Payments can be made online at Pay for it or contact us on 01506 280000 and we can transfer you to our automated services.  You may be able to pay at some post offices, however, check on their websites before to ensure that they are open.

The customer service team will be get back to you as soon as possible. We thank all customers for their understanding and patience.