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Council Housing

Council housing in West Lothian consists of a mixture of houses, flats and sheltered housing.

  • About Council Housing

    West Lothian Council has approximately 13,500 properties which consists of a mixture of houses, flats and sheltered housing.

  • Tenant's Handbook

    Please find information for all Tenants

  • Tenant's Self Service

    Welcome to the council tenant's self service portal which allows council tenants to view rent balances and repair status online.

  • Mutual Exchange

    Mutual exchanges, sometimes called House Swaps or Transfers

  • Adapt Your Home

    At some stage in your life you may find that your home is no longer suitable for you. This may be because you find the layout of the house difficult if you are ill, elderly or disabled.

  • Request a Repair

    You can report and request non emergency repairs online.

  • Paying your Rent

    How to pay your rent, where to pay your rent and details of your rent charge.

  • Buying your Home

    Right To Buy Your Council House

  • Advice and Support

    How to get information and advice about any housing issue or problem.

  • Equality in Housing

    Ensuring that our service operates in a fair and equal way

  • Tenant Participation

    Tenant Participation is about you, our tenants, taking part in decision making processes and influencing decisions about housing policies, housing conditions, and housing (and related) services.

  • Improvements

    Planned Maintenance, Repairs, Improvement and Insurance

  • Standards and Policies

    Housing, Customer and Building Services have Customer Service Commitments to abide by to ensure they perform well for their customers. It is important you let us know if you think our commitments have been broken.

  • Homelessness

    Information and advice on what to do if you are homeless or facing the possibility of homelessness.

  • Insurance and Insurance Claims

    The Council strongly advises all tenants to take out a contents insurance policy to cover your personal belongings.

  • Tenant Information

    We actively keep tenants up to date of any developments that are happening. We also seek the views of those we come in contact with to allow us to improve the service.

  • Consultation Forum

    This section provides current information on housing developments and consultations.

  • Servicing and Maintenance

    As your landlord, West Lothian Council has a legal duty to ensure that gas appliances, gas piping and flues provided for tenants use are well maintained and safe. This legal duty is set out in the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

  • Scottish Secure and Short Secure Tenancies

    All West Lothian Council secure tenants became Scottish Secure tenants by law on 30th September 2002. This change was introduced by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001. By law, tenants automatically have all the new rights and responsibilities associated with being a Scottish Secure tenant whether or not they have signed the new Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement.

  • Moving into your new home

    When you accept the keys for your new home you will sign a legal document called a Tenancy Agreement. The tenancy agreement is the most important document you have for your new home. Your Community Housing Officer will have gone through it with you when you signed it and will have highlighted the main rights you have as a council tenant and also your responsibilities.