Service Delivery

Management Planning

Full information on Property Management & Development's activities, previous performance, current year targets and how we intend to develop and improve our service can be found in out Icon for pdf Team Management Plan 2015 - 16 [231.5KB]. Previous years Service Plans are also available on our Standard Documents page.

Service Standards

Property Management & Development has consulted with our partners, stakeholders, staff and customers to develop appropriate Icon for pdf Service Standards [1.25MB].

We are committed to providing fair and equal access to services which focus on our customers needs; are honest open and accountable; and are reliable, courteous and effective. We aim to provide a quality service that is continually improving.


Property Management & Development measures its performance against annual targets for all our principal activities, and against our Icon for pdf Service Standards [1.25MB]. Our performance is published annually in our Icon for pdf Team Management Plan 2015 -16 [231.5KB].

In common with other council services, we also produce Public Performance reporting indicators.

Customer Consultation

Property Management and Development works with its customers, partners, stakeholders and other services of the council to deliver its services in the best way possible. As an integral part of this process we regularly consult with our customers to ensure that we meet their expectations and needs. Customer feedback is welcomed and we will review our services as a result of your comments.

Full information on our consultation programme, the detailed results of our performance against our Service Standards, and the actions we intend to take as a result of feedback are available for both Icon for pdf Summary of Consultation Review 2014 -15 [110.58KB] and for previous years.

Customers are invited to complete our Annual Customer Survey at any time. We are also happy to receive your suggestions on how we can improve our service, including the information contained on our web pages, please contact us.


If you are unhappy with the service or we have not done something we said we would, please let us know. Problems can arise without our knowledge so we welcome the opportunity to put matters rights. We also like to hear when a service is delivered well. In both cases, we value your opinion!

In the first instance we would ask you to write to us or email us at the address above. Most problems can be dealt with quickly by people closest to the situation. Any complaints will be handled in accordance with the council's approved procedure.