Property Management & Development

Property Management and Development (PM&D) delivers a professional service to internal and external customers. This includes strategic, portfolio and operational property management; aspects of valuation; agency; and development. PM&D's objective in managing the Council's property assets is to ensure that they are deployed and used efficiently and effectively - whether that is to support the delivery of services, or to generate income.

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What do we do?

Our main involvement with external customers is the management of our commercial portfolio of offices, shops and industrial units, i.e. properties that are owned by West Lothian Council, but which aren't used for the delivery of council services. We are involved in the sale of surplus assets and development sites, and the provision of new sites and properties to encourage the economic development of West Lothian. We provide services to customers within the council, focusing on strategic property asset management. This includes managing Civic Centre and other Headquarter buildings; energy and water management; and the provision of professional property advice and support.

How to contact us

Find our location on the Icon for pdf Civic Centre Map [4.95MB].


Paul Kettrick,
Corporate Estates Manager
Tel: 01506 281826

Scott Hughes
Group Commercial Surveyor
Tel: 01506 281825

Stephen Letch
Group Commercial Surveyor
Tel: 01506 281122

Arthur Weir
Group Facilities Manager
Tel: 01506 281830

Peter Rogers
Energy and Climate Change Manager
Tel: 01506 281107

Individual Contacts

Find Icon for pdf individual contact details for our staff members [32.19KB], and information on their areas of responsibility.