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Land and Property

West Lothian Council owns a significant amount of property - land and buildings - located throughout the county.

This may be:

  • Operational - that is assets used for the direct delivery of services to customers (schools, libraries etc) or to accommodate those who support service delivery (for example, in depots or Headquarter offices)
  • Non-operational - that is strategic development land; our commercial portfolio of industrial, office and retail space for lease to third parties; and occasionally, surplus assets for disposal.

(NB - this part of the website does not include Council Housing Information)

In the following pages you will be able to find out all you need to know about the council's role in land and property

Property Management & Development's primary involvement with external customers is through the management of West Lothian Council's commercial property portfolio.
An image relating to Finding Premises
Whatever type of property your business needs - retail, office, industrial - West Lothian has plenty to offer.
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We sell and lease council property
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Our Corporate Asset Management strategy incorporates property, roads and structures, open spaces, IT and vehicles
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Property Management and Development (PM&D) delivers a professional service to internal and external customers. This includes strategic, portfolio and operational property management; aspects of valuation; agency; and development. PM&D's objective in managing the Council's property assets is to ensure that they are deployed and used efficiently and effectively - whether that is to support the delivery of services, or to generate income.
This page provides a link to our external advertising website where you can view all of our available properties