Council Property for Sale or Lease

Property Management & Development's primary involvement with external customers is through the management of West Lothian Council's commercial property portfolio.

The Property Management and Development services is very much open for business. Due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, our staff are currently working offsite and we would ask that all enquiries be emailed to where a member of our team will access and action them as necessary. Whilst we have robust business continuity measures in place, customers may experience some impact to service delivery. We are grateful for your patience and understanding at this challenging time. Should you require emergency assistance out of hours, then please contact the council's emergency out of hours service on 01506 280000. 

We are also responsible for the sale of surplus properties and support the development of the West Lothian economy by engaging in business property development. Our key activities are featured below.

Commercial property for lease

We manage and let over 500 office, industrial and retail properties throughout West Lothian. These include:

  • Almost 300 units ranging from 28 sq.m (c 300 sq ft) to 180 sq.m (c 2000 sq ft) which are suitable for a variety of light industrial and office uses. We also have larger units which range  up to 2300 sq.m (25,000 sq.ft)
  • Office accommodation of various sizes and layouts.
  • Over 100 shops in both prime locations and local shopping parades throughout the county.

Prospective tenants who want to know how to lease a Commercial Property from the Council can find out how in our Guide to leasing a Property . Our small industrial units are available on monthly "easy in, easy out" leases. You can see a summary of our Standard Terms and Conditions and our full monthly Tenancy agreement.

Our shops, offices and larger industrial properties are also available on a standard lease agreement, where the lease is for a period of up to three years. Longer terms are available subject to negotiation. All our leases are supplemented by a Tenant Handbook, which gives more information on the rights and responsibilities of a tenant.

We also manage the council's roundabout sponsorship scheme. Please download our Icon for pdf Roundabout Sponsorship Information Leaflet [803.42KB], Icon for pdf Roundabout Sponsorship Application 2016 [76.28KB] and Icon for pdf Roundabout Sponsorship Standard Licence Agreement [165.2KB].

Sale of council property

  • Development sites and surplus properties - These properties are usually advertised for sale on the open market, with a closing date for the submission of formal offers. Please note that we do not generally have individual house plots for sale.
  • Garden Ground - We respond to requests from local residents for the purchase of amenity land for the extension of their private garden ground. If you want to find out more details please download our information leaflet and application form  Icon for pdf Amenity Ground Sales Application [269.06KB]
  • Industrial and business development sites - The Council has a small stock of land suitable for development for industrial or office use, falling under planning Use Classes 4, 5 and 6. We are also a partner in the development of new business parks at Heartlands, Whitburn, and at Lothian Gateway, Bathgate.

A full list of the properties we currently have available, is on the NovaLoca Database

Prospective tenants should complete our Application Form to Lease Commercial or Industrial Property.

If you can't find Council property that suits your needs please use the broader property search facility to see what else is available in West Lothian.

A flexible letting policy and the availability of accommodation across West Lothian's settlements help the Council to support the establishment and growth of small, local businesses.

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