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The Advice Shop is a free, impartial and confidential service to help the people of West Lothian with a focus to alleviate poverty and to promote inclusion and equality through advice, assistance and advocacy.

The Advice Shop is committed to the highest standards of customer care. In support of this commitment we have developed service standards in consultation with our customers Customer Engagement Report 2017-18. These standards include targets which will be monitored on a regular basis and reviewed annually to ensure we continue to meet our customer needs.  The results are recorded in our Performance Indicator system and published on our intranet page Key Performance Indicators.

All comments from the customer surveys (and comments from customers out with the surveys) are recorded in our comments, complaints and compliments log Customer Feedback Form. These are reviewed quarterly in order to identify improvements.  Comments from the customer surveys are also recorded in our 'You said, we did' document which is published on our intranet page. You Said, We Did 2016-17 

Some ways the Advice Shop can help: