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Related Planning information

Information on our services and performance; and details on consultations.

  • Planning Services consultations

    Planning Services (Development Planning and Development Management) routinely undertakes consultation on matters related to the development plan, planning policy, planning guidance etc.

  • Housing Land Audit

    The housing land audit is undertaken annually. The key purpose is to identify and monitor the established and effective housing land supply in order to meet the requirements set out in Scottish Planning Policy (SPP2014)

  • Information and Statistics

    The latest population and census figures for West Lothian.

  • Service and Performance

    Planning Services' performance information.

  • Planning Aid for Scotland

    Planning Aid for Scotland (PAS) is an independent organisation which offers a free (subject to eligibility) and impartial planning helpline.

  • Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)

    Trees and woodlands contribute to local amenity and the quality of the natural and historic environment. Tree Preservation Orders protect the most important trees in West Lothian from felling, or from works which might damage them.