Planning Services consultations

Planning Services is involved in a wide range of initiatives through which the policies and aspirations of the development plan are consulted on then delivered.

Typically these projects seek to engage the involvement of individual members of the public, representatives of community councils and other key public and private sector agencies whereby resources, statutory powers and expertise can be brought together in pursuit of common objectives.

You can view all consultations originated by Planning Services by clicking on the appropriate links below:

How to comment on open consultations

While it is not uncommon for invitations to participate in a consultation to be targeted to specific groups or individuals with a particular interest or involvement in the subject matter, this does not preclude third parties from participating, providing their responses are relevant, satisfy any criteria specific to the consultation and are submitted timeously. 

If you would like to comment on any of the open consultations then please email us the topic "Open Consultation" to request participation in the consultation exercise, remembering to provide your contact details (i.e., name / email address / postal address and daytime telephone number). We will then register your interest, provide you with details of the consultation and send a copy of the Privacy Notice which we are legally obliged to provide to you.