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Housing Options and Homelessness

Housing Options and Homeless Advice

Here you will find useful information relating to Housing Options and Homelessness. Whether you are currently roofless or think you about to become homeless, we are here to help you.

Important Information

If you are currently roofless and require urgent assistance, please call us on 01506 280000 or 0800 032 3450.

What should I do if I become homeless or think that I am likely to be made homeless?
Housing support services assist people to live independently in the community.
This Housing Options Guide will provide you with links to potentially available support available to you in West Lothian.
The Scottish Government has produced a revised guide for Armed Forces for those who have served in the armed forces.
Where a non-EU resident is planning to live with a local UK resident temporarily or permanently, they may be required by the UK embassy in their home country to have the home in West Lothian inspected by Environmental Health