Hire Car Booking Office Licence

West Lothian Council as licensing authority administers a licensing scheme for booking offices taking bookings for 4 or more relevant vehicles.

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The Team are able to provide general guidance on the scheme for licensing booking offices but cannot assist you to complete your application form or provide legal advice on whether a licence is required.

Is a licence required?

A booking office licence is required in terms of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (Licensing of Booking Offices) Order 2009 (SSI2009/145) for the following activity:

  • the use of premises for the carrying on of a business which consists to any extent of the taking of bookings, by any means of communication, from members of the public for the hire of a relevant vehicle

Licences can be held by individuals, partnerships, companies or formally constituted organisations.  You should seek legal advice from a solicitor or advice centre if you are unsure as to whether you require a licence.

Is there any exemption from the need for a licence?

Yes, a licence is not required if the business never takes bookings for more than 3 vehicles. However, it is not the number of vehicles operating on a system at any one time which is relevant, it is the total number of vehicles for which bookings are ever taken. Please see the guidance notes which are attached to the application form.

What is the definition of a "relevant vehicle"?

In terms of Paragraph 1 of the said Order "relevant vehicle" means a vehicle in relation to which a taxi licence Taxi Vehicle Licences or private hire car licence Private Hire Car Vehicle Licenceshas been granted in terms of section 10 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 and that licence is in effect.

How do I apply for a licence or apply to renew my licence?

How do I make an objection or representation about a hire car booking office licence application?

Will my application subject to a right to work check?

How will my application be decided?

What standard conditions will be applied if my licence is granted?

How long will my licence be granted for?

What if I want to vary any of the standard conditions in relation to my licence?

What if my details change or I no longer wish to hold my licence?

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