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Licences, Permits and Permissions

There are a wide range of activities which are licensed or controlled by West Lothian Council and the Licensing Board.

The Licensing section is involved in the operation of:

  • West Lothian Licensing Board - Concerned with licensing premises involved in the sale of alcohol and gambling.
  • Licensing Committee: Concerned with the licensing and supervision of many other activities.

Individuals or organisations wishing to hold certain events may need several licences or permissions. 

You should be aware that as part of the process applicants details will be held on computers and a mandatory background check will be carried out as part of the vetting process.

To view all current liquor license application notices within West Lothian, please visit Adverts for all Current Alcohol Licence Applications

Please note that all the Licensing Section web pages  are intended to guide you through the procedures associated with making an application for a licence. They are not intended to summarise relatively complex areas of the law. Anyone using these pages should obtain independent advice from their own solicitors, accountants and other advisors

Further information may be obtained from Licensing Team 01506 281632 or email

  • Alcohol Licences

    If you wish to sell alcohol on a premises then you will need a licence.

  • Entertainment

    If you are organising an event involving entertainment which is open to the public you may need a licence.

  • Gambling Licences and Permits

    West Lothian Licensing Board has a range of functions under the Gambling Act 2005

  • Taxi and Private Hire Car Licences

    West Lothian Council operates a licensing scheme for taxis and private hire cars and their drivers. This scheme is administered by the Council's Licensing Team.

  • Trading Licences

    West Lothian Council as a licensing authority, carries out the administration of licensing in relation to activities for which licences are required, including the licensing of street traders, metal dealers and second hand dealers along with a large amount of other activities as specified in the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

  • Public Processions

    Information on holding public processions (parades) in West Lothian and how to comment on/object to them.