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Apply for a Premises Licence

A licence is required for premises where the sale of alcohol is involved. Premises licences are granted by the West Lothian Licensing Board and an application can be made by any individual, business or organisation involved in the sale of alcohol.

Please note that all the Licensing web pages are intended to guide you through the procedures associated with making an application for a licence. They are not intended to summarise relatively complex areas of the law. Anyone using these pages should obtain independent advice from their own solicitors or advice centre. 

Premises licences remain in force with no time limit subject to the payment of an annual fee and can be transferred.The Licensing Team are able to provide general guidance on a scheme but cannot assist you to complete your application form or provide legal advice on whether a licence is required. You should seek legal advice from a solicitor or advice centre if you are unsure as to whether you require a licence. Applicants should consult the alcohol licensing webpages for general guidance before making any application.