Variation of a Premises Licence

If you hold a premises licence issued by West Lothian Licensing Board you can apply to the Board to change a detail or details contained in your licence by making an application for variation.

Applications for variation can only be made by the premises licence holder. Variation applications are divided into two categories:

  1. minor variation; and
  2. major variation

You can find further information regarding these categories and how to make a variation application in the drop down boxes below.

What is a minor variation?

What is a major variation?

How do I apply?

What is the application fee?

How will my application be processed?

Can I apply to change more than one detail in my licence in the same variation application?

Do I need to apply for variation to update the name or address of a person referred to in my premises licence?

How to object to or make a representation regarding a major variation application

Is there a right of appeal if an application for a  major variation is refused by the Licensing Board?