Report Road and Street Care Issues

The police and the council work together to deal with abandoned vehicles and follow strict rules before a vehicle can be removed
You can report a street lighting fault by using our online form.
If you have any concerns regarding a damaged or dangerous footpath in West Lothian, you can report them online using the form below.
West Lothian Council will remove and dispose of any dead animals found on roads and public open spaces as a matter of urgency.
How to report a flooding or drainage issue
You can report instances of fly posting in West Lothian using our online form.
Graffiti is probably the biggest form of vandalism which we have to deal with.
Our Roads Maintenance team are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the adopted road network across West Lothian.
If you have discovered an issue with road barriers or fences, a diversion or closure, road signs, cones, barriers or road markings, you can report them using the online form below.
West Lothian Council is committed to keeping the streets of West Lothian clean and well maintained.