Paying my Rent

How to pay your rent, where to pay your rent and details of your rent charge.

This page gives you information on your rent charges and different ways to pay your rent. If you are having difficulty paying your rent and need advice please refer to the Advice on Paying Your Rent page.

2020/21 Rent/ Garage/ Service Charge Increase

The statutory rent increase notice Icon for pdf rent letter [84.17KB] was sent to all tenants which explains there is a 3% increase to rent, garage and service charges for financial year 2020/21.

When to pay your rent

Your rent is due to be paid weekly.

If you have a mainstream tenancy, the charge for your rent is over 48 weeks of the year.  This means that there are 2 weeks at Christmas and 2 weeks (3 weeks in a leap year) at the end of March which are non-charge weeks. Please note this only applies if you are up to date with your rent account.

How to Pay

Direct Debit
Customer Information Service Centres
Cash Kiosk
Post Office
Standing Order
By Post

Your rent is important to ensure we can continue to deliver good quality services to our tenants and maintain our stock. We publish articles in our Tenants News on the rent we collect and what it is spent on. The below links are to some of these articles;