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School Clothing Grants, Free School Meals & Milk

Families on low incomes may be eligible to receive free school meals and milk for their children. There are also grants available to help towards the cost of school clothing.

Applications for the 2024/2025 academic year can now be accepted.


All children in primary 1 to primary 5 will receive automatic universal free school lunches, regardless of financial circumstances, however families who are in receipt of the above benefits should complete an application to ensure their child receives free milk and a clothing grant. All children in nursery are also entitled to automatic universal free school lunches but are not entitled to a school clothing grant. An application is not required for children at nursery.

Free school lunches came into effect from 16 August 2021 for nursery pupils, and primary 5 pupils were included from 06 January 2022.

How to apply

If you require help completing an application you can email the Families and Young Peoples Advice Service who would be happy to assist.

Please note: you cannot apply for a School Clothing Grant for home educated children

Application Process 

We aim to assess all applications within 2 weeks of receipt and we will notify you of our decision by email. However, we may require extra time to assess if demand is high, this is usually between June and the schools returning in August. If your child has been granted free school meals and milk their school will be automatically advised. Normally, clothing grants will be paid into your specified bank account within 7 days of our assessment.

How much clothing grant will I receive?

The current grants are £150 for each primary school aged pupil and £180 for pupils of secondary school age. 

Students staying at school over the school leaving age will not be eligible for a clothing grant however they may apply for EMA payments Education Maintenance Allowance


Families and Young Peoples Advice Service

Please use this link if you would like a financial health check and support to make sure your income is maximised

Additional Financial Support

Meal payments during the Summer 2024 school holidays

A payment of £3 per day per child will be paid for any child in P1 to P5 who received a School Clothing Grant or children in P6 and above if the child is in receipt of Free School Meals due to low income.  The payment is made into the same bank account the School Clothing Grant was paid into unless you have told us otherwise. A payment of £45 per child will be made into bank accounts on Friday 21 June 2024 to cover the period from 01 July to 19 July 2024. Another £48 per child will then be paid into accounts on Friday 19 July 2024 to cover the period between 22 July and 12 August 2024.

Frequently asked questions regarding School Clothing Grants, Free School Meals & Milk
Free school meals to eligible young people will be provided during school holiday periods.