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Help with costs

West Lothian Council will provide free school meals and milk, clothing grants and Education Maintenance Allowance to all eligible children and young people. Breakfast Clubs are available at all Primary and Secondary Schools.

  • Free School Meals

    Free school meals and milk in schools in West Lothian.

  • Breakfast Clubs

    West Lothian Council extended the free breakfast provision to all pupils in primary schools who want a breakfast.

  • School Clothing Grants

    The Education (Scotland) Act 1980 gives the education authority a duty to make provision for the clothing of pupils who would, otherwise, be unable to take full advantage of the education provided at schools under its management.

  • Education Maintenance Allowance

    EMA is an allowance of £30 per week, depending on household income. Household income is assessed in the same way as for Tax Credits provided by HM Revenue & Customs. Students estranged from parents or in care of the authority can also be paid.