Designated Premises Manager (DPM)

Every licensed premises in Scotland must have a designated premises manager (DPM) who works on the premises in order to sell alcohol under Schedule 3 Premises Licence Mandatory Conditions of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005. The only premises which are exempt from these requirements are clubs operating in terms of the Licensing (Clubs) (Scotland) Regulations 2007.

  • Every premises must have a specified designated premises manager who works at the premises.
  • Any individual intending to be a designated premises manager must also be the holder of a valid Personal Licence.
  • A person can only be the designated premises manager of one premises at a time. 
  • If your designated premises manager stops working at the premises for any reason, or his licence expires or is revoked or suspended, the licence holder must notify the Licensing Board within one week or the premises will not be able to continue selling alcohol.

How do I name a new designated Premises Manager?
What do I need to do if my premises manager leaves or his licence expires or is revoked or suspended?
What do I then need to do?
What do I do with the application?
What information do I need to provide?
How much will the application cost me?
How long will it take to process my application?
Making a Complaint / Representation