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Children and Young People

Resources for children and young people

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You will find books for children and young people of all ages, from babies to teenagers.  There is also a selection of talking books to choose from.

If you're not already a library member please ask a parent or guardian to complete the membership process for you on the here webpage.


Book Choice

Stuck for something to read, or want to find some new authors? Why not try CBeebies (opens new window)Scottish Book Trust (opens new window) or Words for Life (opens new window) to find some great suggestions, games and quizzes.


If you want to download e-Books or e-Talking Books for free, then register on the West Lothian eBooks site (opens new window) with your library barcode and PIN, or download from the International Children's Digital Library (opens new window).


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has launched an app designed to encourage teenagers to 'read for pleasure'.

Bookzilla (opens new window) has been developed by Scottish Book Trust, the national charity transforming lives through reading and writing, and digital agency Dubit.

The app is free to download and is aimed at early secondary school students in Scotland, encouraging them to read for pleasure, whether they are already regular readers or just embarking on their reading journey.

Go Safe with Ziggy

Go Safe with Ziggy (opens new window) helps equip children with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will help keep them stay safe now and in later life.

This resource has been developed alongside:

  • Scottish Government's policy on early intervention and Curriculum for Excellence framework which encourages hands-on, multimedia experiences as well as tasks at home, nursery and school.
  • The ambition to target three key age groups: 0-3, pre-school, and the transition into primary 1.
  • Home learning as part of the early learning curriculum through Early Learning and Childcare centres and primary 1 classes.
  • The aspiration to encourage and inspire young children (and the adults around them) to go on their own road safety journey through real experiences alongside Ziggy and playing, talking, and reading together.

Free Road Safety App Klang

Children aged 8-11 have been identified as one of the most vulnerable pedestrian groups.  Child pedestrian casualties can be reduced if we can educate them about road safety.

The free road safety app Klang: The Road Home from the Scottish Government is aimed at 8-11 year olds and uses gaming technology to educate children about important road safety messages in a fun way. Go to the Klang website (opens new window) to find out more.

Klang wordsearch [1MB]

Every West Lothian Library participates in the 'Marvellous Makers!' Summer Reading Challenge with free activities for families kicking off from 22nd of June 2024!
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Bookbug sessions are fun, free and friendly events, open to babies, toddlers and their families to enjoy together.
Develop your knowledge of social justice issues through a new reading challenge brought to you by West Lothian libraries and James Young High School.