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HRA - Tenants Environmental Project

There Tenants Environmental Project process gives local people the chance to influence how money can be spent on environmental improvements across a number of locations in West Lothian. This will allow communities to put forward project ideas for areas of housing land, for example ideas could range from community gardens and grow your own spaces to improving hedging and open spaces. The initial the focus was on areas of land around council owned housing areas in Blackburn, Whitburn & Bathgate. The first stage of the process ran from 2 August until 4 October when members of the public will be asked to submit their ideas which can then be considered for allocation of funds from the tenant's environmental improvement budget.

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Below is an outline of the approach that will be followed:

Stage 1 - Accepting Projects (2 August 2021 to 1 November 2021)

The programme will follow the Cyclical Maintenance Areas running order. Budgets will be the allocated for that programme year in the following order:

  • Bathgate, Blackburn and Whitburn - Process started 2 August 2021
  • Livingston South/North, East Livingston and East Calder - Will commence August 2022
  • Broxburn, Uphall, Winchburgh and Linlithgow - Will commence August 2023
  • Armadale and Blackridge - Will commence August 2024
  • Fauldhouse and Breich - Will commence August 2025

Communities will be supported to determine their priorities, generate proposals and project ideas via the CONSUL platform, which can be found here: West Lothian Community Choices (opens new window)

Engagement methods will include - attendance at meetings, pop-ups sessions and social media promotion.

Project ideas can be put forward on the CONSUL platform West Lothian Community Choices (opens new window) using a MyWestLothian (also known as MyAccount) login, as well as the ability to comment on project ideas. To put forward ideas the projects must meet the following criteria:

  • be on land owned by Housing
  • be on communal/shared areas which will improve the environment and/or security for tenants in the area
  • must have agreement OR in discussion with other council services or external agencies where maintenance is or will be their responsibility at the end of a project

Projects must NOT:

  • be used to fund work in individual homes
  • require ongoing maintenance by Housing, Customer and Building Services

Stage 2 - Idea Refinement to Project Options and Reviewing Projects (2 November 2021 to 9 December 2021)

The Capital Working Group, including members of the Tenants Panel, will act as a steering group and will work alongside council officers to further develop options into viable projects. Included in this will be Community Councils and Third sector organisations to look at opportunities to widen the scope of the projects/ideas.

Feedback will be provide on the outcome of the review of projects to set out which projects can be taken forward, and where project ideas do not meet the specified criteria this will also be provided and set out on the Consul platform.

Stage 3 - Decision Making -  (17 January 2022 to 14 February 2022)

  • The decision making process involved the Tenants Participation Panel to review the projects which had been put forward by the local communities in Bathgate, Whitburn and Blackburn (for the 2021/2022 process set out above). Following the refinement of projects there was not enough projects to allow for a public vote meaning that all of the eligible projects will be taken forward for implementation, these are:

Blackburn Homeless Unit - Planting and raised beds

Bathgate War Memorial - landscaping

Bathgate, Chapel Well Gardens - Provision of seating, increased planting and the use of planting and fencing to create a more secure are for children using the space

More information on the projects, including the projects that are not able to be taken forward can be found on the CONSUL platform West Lothian Community Choices (opens new window)