Tenant Participation

Tenant Participation is about you, our tenants, taking part in decision making processes and influencing decisions about housing policies, housing conditions, and housing (and related) services.

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 gives tenants legal rights in relation to participation and places a duty on local authorities and registered social landlords to consult with tenants on a range of housing issues.

Housing, Customer and Building Services (HCBS) is the landlord for West Lothian Council's housing stock and has the responsibility to communicate, consult and take on board the views and opinions of tenants.  These will be used to influence decisions and shape services to meet the needs of tenants.  The Council has a Tenant Participation Strategy which sets out ways tenants can take part in improving, monitoring and scrutinising services. 

Here are some examples:

  • West Lothian Tenants Housing Networks
  • Working Groups (these include; Tenant Panel (Performance & Scrutiny), Editorial Panel, Capital Programme, TP Development)
  • Tenant Led Inspections 
  • Surveys
  • Estate Inspections
  • Tenants and Residents Groups

To find out more, take a look at our Icon for pdf Tenant Participation Strategy [4.79MB].  You will see from this that there is a dedicated Tenant Participation team, whose role is to facilitate communication between tenants and HCBS.  To take part or find out more, get in touch:Email us: TP@westlothian.gov.uk or complete our Online Form

Street Environmental Improvement Projects
Tenant Participation Annual Report

Tenant Consultation will be carried out for changes that affect tenants.  These will include:

  • Changes to rent and service charges
  • Housing management, repairs and maintenance policies, standards of service in relation to housing
  • Any proposal to change the landlord

Join Us on Facebook!

The Tenant Participation team is looking to help West Lothian Council tenants consult with us and converse with us through social media. If you are interested in joining the group then get in touch with us at TP@westlothian.gov.uk and once we have confirmed you are a tenant (or part of a tenant's household) we can invite you to join our Facebook group.

Tenants have a right to be consulted on:

  • Changes to rent and service charges
  • Housing management, repairs and maintenance policies, standards of service in relation to housing
  • Any proposal to change the landlord
  • The Tenant Participation Strategy

The West Lothian Icon for pdf Tenant Participation Strategy [4.79MB] sets out how tenants and service users can take part in a number of ways, both formal and informal. 

Here are some examples of how you can take part:

  • Tenants and Residents Groups
  • Surveys
  • Register of Interested Tenants
  • Working Groups
  • Editorial Panel
  • Housing Networks
  • Tenant Led Inspections
  • Annual Events
  • Tenants Panel
  • Estate Walkabouts
  • Good Neighbour Awards
  • Street Environmental Improvement Projects

For more information please take a look at the Icon for pdf Tenant Participation Strategy [4.79MB].If you would like to speak to someone about this or would like a copy of the strategy sent out to you, please contact the Tenant Participation Team at TP@westlothian.gov.uk or complete the form. 

Tenants News

For the most recent editions of the Tenants News, see the Tenant Information and Publications page

Regulator publishes guide for tenants and service users

The Scottish Housing Regulator has published 'How We Regulate: A guide for tenants and service users'. The guide has been written to help tenants, homeless people and other service users find out more about the work of the Regulator and also explains how they can go about raising concerns about their landlord.

  • If you are a tenant and are aware of a significant performance failure you should:
  • raise the issue with your landlord
  • give them a reasonable time to respond
  • give them a reasonable time to fix the failure.

If your landlord does not deal with the failure, or it agrees to do something and nothing happens, then you can report this to the Scottish Housing Regulator.  For more information please see the Icon for pdf Complaints and Significant Performance Failures leaflet [48.67KB] published by the regulator

Guidance on the Housing Act

A Icon for pdf guide to the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 [398.93KB] has been published.

If you are interested in actively participating as a tenant, please complete the form below.