Transfer of a Premises Licence

If you wish to transfer a premises licence for a premises that is within West Lothian then you must apply to West Lothian Licensing Board.

An application for transfer of premises licence can be made by the premises licence holder at any time, this is known as a section 33 transfer application.

If a transfer application is made by any other person other than the premises licence holder then the application has to be made by a prescribed person to the Licensing Board within 28 days of:

  • A licence holder dying or becoming incapable 
  • A licence holder being an individual, a partnership or a company, becomes insolvent
  • A licence holder being a person other than an individual, a partnership or a company is dissolved
  • The business carried on in the premises being transferred by sale or otherwise to another person

Such an application is known as a section 34 application however you should seek your own legal advice on such matters.

Am I eligible to make a premises licence transfer application?
How do I apply?
What information do I need to provide?
How much are the application fees?
How will my application be dealt with?
What happens if the premises has Gaming Machines?
Making a Complaint / Representation
Changes to your circumstances