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Community Grants

A wide range of funding is available from a number of sources including the UK and Scottish Governments, the European Union and numerous charitable trusts. Many of these schemes are available to organisations in West Lothian.

West Lothian Council commissions a wide range of voluntary organisations to provide specific social and community-based services that support individuals and communities most in need. These services are mainly delivered throughout West Lothian in partnership with voluntary organisations and have a clear focus on the achievement of positive outcomes for service users.
West Lothian has been designated as a priority area for the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) under its Strategic Framework for 2013 to 2018.
The Scottish Government is delivering £30 million capital funding into regeneration in the financial year 2020-21 as part of the £230 million economic recovery stimulus package, particularly aimed at supporting local construction activity and employment across Scotland. The Scottish Government, in agreement with COSLA and local authority Leaders, will be providing £18 million to local authorities through the Town Centre Fund - Capital Grant 2020/21.This represents an allocation of £658,000 to West Lothian.
What is the West Lothian Development Trust Fund? The West Lothian Development Trust fund is money received from windfarm developments in West Lothian.
LEADER is a European scheme that delivers support for rural communities in West Lothian.
Livingston Youth Trust is a small trust that provides support for young Livingston residents with skills in the field of Sport, Music or the Arts.
In 2019 West Lothian Council approved an allocation of £200,000 for 2019/20 with additional funds of £450,000 identified the subsequent three financial years making a total fund of £650,000. The aim was to create a fund for voluntary organisations to help them to modernise and transform their organisation to increase sustainability for the future. There remains a total £134,000 in the programme for this financial year 21/22 and 22/23 with £120,000 available for grants, the balance has been ringfenced to support related training for the sector but may be released back into the available grant funding if not required.
A new grant scheme has been created which focuses on building resilience in communities recovering from COVID 19. This fund will address key areas identified through the Community Planning process as the key short and medium term priorities for partners as we move through COVID 19.
The UK Government has recently launched the Community Renewal Fund, which has been designed to support communities and to pilot a new and flexible approach to administering funding ahead of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.
These are monies that the council has received from large housing developments as part of 'Section 75' agreements which detail what contributions developers will provide towards local infrastructure and when. Sometimes this includes monies which are towards general town or village improvements, such as those below, which the council then administers as a fund.
The Place Based Investment Programme (PBIP) 2021-22 was announced by the Scottish Government in May 2021. The programme provides local government with a share of £140M over 5 years to support and advance place-based capital investment and build on the strong partnership currently existing through the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund (RCGF).

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