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Smarter travel in West Lothian

Choosing to travel on foot, by bike, by public transport and car sharing helps the environment and our health. It can even save us money.

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Walking and cycling (and scooting!) are some of the most affordable, healthy and environmentally-friendly ways of travelling. In addition to walking and cycling for leisure, many people are increasingly building active travel into their daily routine.
The travel choices we make are important for our health, our household finances, our economy and our environment. When we can, choosing to walk, cycle, take public transport, car-share and drive low-emission vehicles can all make a big difference.
Organisations generate a large number of trips by staff, visitors, students, deliveries or servicing. Smarter ways of thinking about travel and transport can help your organisation relieve parking pressures, reduce your carbon footprint and even reduce business travel costs.
Walking, cycling and scooting to nursery and school has many benefits. It reduces the number of cars on the road at peak times of the day and reduces parking problems outside our schools. It also gives children (and carers) a valuable opportunity for physical activity.
West Lothian Council is currently reviewing its Active Travel Plan for West Lothian while continuing to deliver a number of infrastructure projects to support everyday walking and cycling journeys.
West Lothian Council, in partnership with SEStran, operates a free car-sharing service which is open to anyone to use. Register your regular or occasional journey at today to find a journey match and start saving money.
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There's a lot happening on smarter travel in West Lothian, across organisations, schools, communities and individuals. Keep up to date with the latest Smarter Travel News on this page.