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Car Sharing Scheme

West Lothian Council, in partnership with SEStran, operates a free car-sharing service which is open to anyone to use. Register your regular or occasional journey at today to find a journey match and start saving money.

About the scheme

Tripshare West Lothian is part of the national Liftshare network for car-sharing. To access the scheme, visit Tripshare West Lothian (opens new window).

Anyone can register for free. Simply enter details of the journeys you would like to find car-sharing partners for and browse the matches offered. You can register the need for a lift, or the offer of a lift. Members share regular journeys such as the commute to work, or occasional journeys such as a longer distance drive for business or leisure. Trips can be registered for anywhere in the UK as Tripshare West Lothian is part of a national network.

There is no obligation and you can car-share as often or as little as you like - even once a week will make a difference to your household expenses, and the environment.

Car-sharing for organisations

For some step-by-step advice on how to set up your own car-sharing scheme as an organisation, or simply your own private group within the existing West Lothian Tripshare group, the South East of Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran) have produced a useful guide - the SEStran Car Share Guide (opens new window). You can contact SEStran on 0131 524 5150 or if you wish to discuss any element of the guide.

Private groups already exist within Tripshare West Lothian for West Lothian Council employees and NHS Lothian staff. If your organisation is interested in setting up a private group, contact SEStran using the details above.

Five reasons to car-share

  • It can save you money on petrol, car maintenance and parking costs. An average user of a car sharing scheme can save £880 per year.
  • It helps you cut your carbon footprint and reduces harmful vehicle emissions. For information on how you can reduce emissions caused by vehicle idling, visit .
  • It makes boring solo journeys sociable and fun.
  • It reduces stress by allowing you to be chauffeur-driven!
  • You don't even need a car to sign up to be a car-sharer. Many members are willing to do the driving in return for a contribution to their fuel costs and some friendly company!