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Individual travel choices

The travel choices we make are important for our health, our household finances, our economy and our environment. When we can, choosing to walk, cycle, take public transport, car-share and drive low-emission vehicles can all make a big difference.

Walking and cycling

Walking and cycling are the cheapest, healthiest and most environmentally-friendly ways of travelling. Particularly in towns, they are also often the quickest way of getting around. For more information on active travel information and contacts, please visit the Walking and Cycling  web page.

Public transport

West Lothian is very well served by public transport including Rail, bus and demand responsive transport.  

To plan your public transport journey, call 0871 200 22 33 (Calls are charged at 12p per minute) or head to Traveline Scotland - Timetables (opens new window) where you can use the journey planner feature to access both bus and rail timetables relevant to your needs. 

There is also further information about our on-demand West Lothian Taxibus (opens new window) services

For more information on public transport in West Lothian generally, please visit the Passenger Transport web pages.

Car sharing and car-free living

Car sharing is a friendly and economic way of travelling where public transport is not the most practicable option. It is easy too! Simply register for free with TripShare West Lothian (opens new window). For more information on car sharing, please visit the Car Sharing Scheme web page.

Low emission vehicles

Use of electric or plug-in vehicles is growing across Scotland and West Lothian. Grants and subsidies are available to help with the cost, both for vehicles and charging infrastructure. For more details, visit Energy Savings Trust Electric Vehicles (opens new window)

For a map of electric vehicle charging points in West Lothian, search by location on  ChargePlace Scotland (opens new window).

Smarter choices for individuals - 10 things you can try.......

Do you want to make some smarter transport choices which benefit you, your community and your environment, but don't know where to start? Here's five suggestions:

  • Retrieve those old bicycles from your garage and take them to a local Council recycling centre. They will either be refurbished for future use or parts will be recycled through our Community Payback bike recycling project. Visit our Walking and Cycling  page for more info.
  • Around 6 in 10 journeys made in West Lothian are less than 3 miles. The Scottish Government has a vision for Active Travel where trips up to 5 miles are routinely made by bike, and trips up to 2 miles on foot. Is there a short journey you can make on foot or by bike instead of the car? Plan your cycle route at CycleStreets West Lothian (opens new window).
  • Around 86% of primary school children in West Lothian live less than a mile from their school. Support your child to make their journey to school on foot, by bike or by scooter. Visit our Smarter travel to school page for information.
  • Don't park on the pavement unless signs permit it. It is illegal to drive onto the pavement. Pavement parking hinders the movement of pedestrians generally, and in particular those with visual impairments and mobility difficulties, children on scooters, people with prams or pushchairs. See section 244 of the The Highway Code - waiting and parking (opens new window).
  • Give car sharing a try. Even once a week can make a difference to your household costs and the environment. Visit the Car Sharing Scheme page for details of how to sign up to West Lothian's Tripshare scheme.

Still interested? Here's five more:

  • Consider taking public transport to work, even just once a week. It might save you money and can be less stressful than driving. Plan your journey in advance with Traveline Scotland - Timetables (opens new window).
  • Help your local school or youth group deliver Bikeability cycle training to children. The Cycle Training Assistant course takes one day and is free if you are committed to delivering Bikeability. You can find details of forthcoming courses at Local cycle training courses (opens new window).
  • Want a gentle and sociable way to build up your fitness and feel well? Join a led walk or cycle ride through Put Your West Foot Forward. Details of forthcoming walks and an online Physical Activity Atlas showing timed routes are available at Physical Activity.
  • Need a new bike? Ask your employer if they participate in a cycle to work scheme, where you can pay for a new bike in instalments and make substantial savings before tax.
  • Switch off your engine when stationary. Smoke and fumes that come from vehicle exhausts are harmful to health, particularly those with asthma, and create an unpleasant environment for pedestrians. Every 10 minutes of vehicle idling costs at least one-tenth of a litre in wasted fuel, and each litre of fuel generates 2.4kg of greenhouse gas CO2. For more details visit .