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Looking after your home

Please find information regarding ways in which to look after your home.

Information on condensation and how to prevent it.
An image relating to Burst and Frozen Water Pipes
You can act now to protect water pipes from bursting
Dampness can appear in a number of homes and can be caused by faults in the structure, not enough heating, not enough insulation, not enough ventilation or the way the house is used.
Sometimes life gets on top of tenants and their home can get cluttered, smelly or sometimes badly soiled. No-one sets out to live in these conditions and it's often the result of other complications in life.
Many people are better at bringing things into their home than getting rid of them. In some cases, this can become a significant problem as rooms fill up with items which they find difficult to part with.
Occasionally, occupiers of homes may have health, social or other problems which means that their homes can become contaminated with human waste, rotting food and other biological or chemical contaminants. Pest control and public health problems can arise as a result including mice, flies, bedbugs and other insects.
Information about recycling and waste at home including checking your bin collection dates, reporting issues and information on what goes in each bin.