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Find your Local Household Waste Recycling Centre

West Lothian Council provides five Household Waste Recycling Centres where residents can take household items to be recycled or disposed of. Details of the locations and opening hours of recycling centres can be be viewed here.

Customer Notice: All household waste recycling centres will be closed on 25 & 26 December and 1 & 2 January

Household waste only at West Lothian recycling centres 

West Lothian recycling centres now only accept household waste and not commercial waste, to protect both the environment and vital council services. Measures have been put in place to ensure residents can continue to dispose of their household waste, and prevent commercial waste being accepted. 

This will enable the council to focus on improving recycling rates and reduce the volume and cost to the council of materials being disposed of in landfill. 

Commercial waste in West Lothian can be disposed of at 14 local sites managed by private operators. Find a list of sites on Waste Management Sites for Trade Waste

Only West Lothian residents can use our recycling centres 

  • Our five sites have been re-named Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) to reflect the changes. Residents are asked to bring along valid ID* when they visit HWRCs. 

Commercial, business or trade waste is no longer accepted 

Local residents using a hired van can use recycling centres 

  • Local residents hiring a van will need to bring along a copy of their hire agreement and valid ID* when they visit recycling centres. 

Check in advance to see if you are affected 

  • All West Lothian residents should still be able to use our recycling centres for household waste if they follow the guidelines above. 
  • Staff can refuse access to anyone who has not followed the guidelines. 

If you require further information please call 01506 280000 or alternatively visit Residential Permits - Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC).

*Valid ID can be either a current driving licence or passport and recent council tax or utility bill.