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Vans and Trailers at Community Recycling Centres

Find out more information about the Community Recycling Centre Booking System for Vans and Trailers.

Do I need to book before I visit?

To visit any of West Lothian's Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) you need to book an appointment at least two days in advance if you are travelling in:

  • A van (liveried, unliveried or hired)
  • A pickup

  • A flatbed

  • A car towing a trailer

Vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes are not permitted. A car and trailer must weigh no more than 3.5 tonnes combined. All seats must be fitted and have a maximum of 8 passenger seats. These vehicles can be driven with a category B driving licence.

This system is for household waste only, commercial access for recycling is not yet permitted. Please note, we do not accept general waste from businesses, traders or charities at any time.

All five CRCs have time slots available from Monday to Friday for vans, pickup, flatbeds or cars towing a trailer to visit. These must be booked a minimum of two days in advance.

Please read all the information below before booking an appointment.

Before You Book

Do not visit a Community Recycling Centre (CRC) if you or anyone you live with has symptoms of covid-19, have tested positive for it or have been asked to self-isolate following close contact with someone who has tested positive. To make a booking, you must:

  • Be a resident of West Lothian

  • Bring household waste only - no trade waste

Householders transporting their own waste inside a car do not need to book.

If you turn up in a van, pickup, or flatbed or in a car towing a trailer without a booking you won't be able to enter the CRC.

To visit a CRC on a frequent basis in a van or with a trailer you will also need a Residential Exemption Permit.  However, the application process has been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. You will be able to make a booking without a Residential Exemption Permit until this is relaunched online. More information on these permits can be found here .

How Do I Book?

To book an appointment you will need to:

  • Select the Community Recycling Centre (CRC) you want to visit

  • Choose an available date and time slot

  • Enter the registration of the vehicle you want to visit in*

  • Provide your email address and contact phone number

  • Enter your postcode, then select your address in West Lothian

  • Agree to the booking terms & conditions

A booking confirmation will then be emailed to you. Please make sure that you have photo ID and proof of address ready to display when you enter the CRC.

*If you're hiring a van, you may not know the registration number when you book.  Please type 'HIRE VAN' in Vehicle Registration text box on the form.  Bring your hire documents with you to the Recycling Centre when you visit

Before You Travel

Do not visit a Community Recycling Centre (CRC) if you or anyone you live with has symptoms of covid-19, have tested positive for it or have been asked to self-isolate following close contact with someone who has tested positive. If you have already booked an appointment, please cancel your booking and re-book once you are fit and well again.

  • Slots are 40 minutes long. You must arrive promptly at the CRC you have selected, in the vehicle you have booked, on your chosen date.

  • Sort your waste before leaving home so that you can unload it as quickly as possible into the correct containers.

  • Remember staff will not be able to help you unload- only bring what you can carry.

  • Bring your booking confirmation number with you, in electronic form if possible.

  • Make sure you bring photo ID and proof of your home address in West Lothian with you.

  • If you have a Residential Permit, you must bring this with you.

When You Arrive

You may have to wait before you can enter the site, as we may need to temporarily close at short notice to exchange skips. If there is a queue then the driver should join and will be allowed access.

Ensure you display the following in your windscreen for staff to check on arrival:

  • Photo ID (for example a driving license or passport)

  • Proof of your home address in West Lothian (for example a council tax bill, bank statement or utility bill from last 6 months)

  • A copy of the hire agreement if your van is hired

  • A Residential Exemption Permit, if you have one

Follow the Site Rules when you arrive. Respect staff on site and follow their instructions - they are there to help.

To book a visit with your van/trailer, please do so through the Community Recycling Centre Van and Trailer Bookings page.

Frequently Asked Questions