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Appealing a Benefits Decision

Information and advice about challenging a benefit decision.


If you want to challenge a decision made about a benefit, you need to make sure you follow the right procedure if you want to try and get the decision changed.
The Advice Shop is able to assist you with advice and assistance to fully understand the process of mandatory reconsideration and lodging an appeal to the appeal tribunal.

We are able to provide a specialist advisor, trained in the appeal process, who would be able to highlight your difficulties to challenge the decision. If your case needs to go before an appeal tribunal our staff would be able to assist with representation of your case.

What we do:

  • Help you to understand the appeal process and challenging a decision
  • Discuss with you and highlight relevant medical problems that have not been considered
  • Assist with completing relevant forms required to challenge the decision
  • Discuss with you the evidence that has been used to reach the decision
  • Prepare a written submission for the tribunal to highlight your case
  • Attend with you and represent you at the appeal tribunal

If you would like more information, or for an Adviser to contact you, please complete our online referral form