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Tree Management

We can give general advice on trees, as well as being responsible for maintaining trees in our ownership or care.

NETs, Land and Countryside are responsible for the care and management of trees on WLC land. If you believe a tree on council land is dead, diseased, dying or dangerous, causing or likely to cause structural damage - please contact us and your details will be taken and passed on to a qualified officer who can assess the situation, and where appropriate action shall be taken.

If there is a tree preservation order in force in your area - or if you live in a conservation area - you will be restricted in what you can do.  Please contact the Customer Service Centre to check whether your area or trees are covered by any restrictions.

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Survey 
Please help us to improve our service to you by completing this survey:- Trees and Woodland Team - Customer Evaluation (opens new window)

Tree Management and Safety Policy for Trees and Woodlands 

Tree Related Issues and Enquiries

Should you encounter any issue with a tree, trees or woodland, you can report it using our online form.

Tree Planting Requests

The Council undertakes to plant or replace trees in open spaces managed and maintained by NETs, Land and Countryside. The number of trees planted can vary for year to year and we evaluate carefully all potential tree planting sites.

West Lothian Council, in partnership with Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust have been working to develop a range of tree donation packages to enable more trees to be planted as part of the Climate Change Initiative. To find out more or if you are looking to plant a tree please visit: TreeTime West Lothian (opens new window)

Tree Leaves Causing Problems, blocking light/views/TV signals

A tree will never be removed purely due to it blocking light/views/TV signals.  However, tree pruning or removal may be considered if there are additional issues. For example where a tree is dead/diseased, dying or dangerous or there maybe a high risk to public safety, in such cases replacement by more suitable species will be the primary option. WLC street cleaning arrangements include provision for dealing with leaf litter.  If TV reception is an issue please contact your service provider. 

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)

You can check if a tree or property is the subject of a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) by accessing the TPO Register (opens new window).

If you encounter difficulties please email the Development Planning & Environment team at (opens new window) with the topic "TPO Enquiry" in the subject line, remembering to provide details of where the tree is located and your own contact details (i.e., name / email address / postal address and daytime telephone number). 

Further Information

WLC's Trees and Woodland Team, are part of NET's, Land and Countryside within Operational Services based at Beecraigs Country Park.  We operate within West Lothian carrying out tree works, including tree inspection, surveying, felling, pruning and planting as well as Forestry Operations. The team include highly qualified and experienced Trees and Woodland Operatives and Tree Inspectors.  All works and tree assessments/inspections are carried out to industry standards (including BS 3998 and BS 5837). We have a consistent approach to requests for service which ensures we treat all requests fairly and in line with WLC's Tree Management and Safety Policy.