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Tree Related Issues and Enquiries

You can report tree related issues using the online form below.

Should you wish to report this issue anonymously, please call our Contact Centre on 01506 280000

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Tree and Woodland Policy

The Council needs to focus its resources on tree safety and the sustainable management.

The council are unable to address the following issues regarding 'nuisance trees':-

  • Tree Branches Overhanging or touching Properties - Unless causing damage to a property, in this instance the tree will be pruned in such a manner to avoid repeat pruning within a 3-year period. In some circumstances it may be necessary to fell the tree.
  • Tree perceived to be 'Too Big' or 'Too Tall'
  • Leaves - The Council does not carry out a public leaf collection service
  • Trees causing lack of light or obstructing a view
  • Bird droppings from roosting birds in trees
  • Trees harbouring animal or insect pest
  • Falling Fruit / berries / nuts
  • Sap / Honeydew from certain tree species
  • Tree Pollen
  • Telephone wires this will be dealt with by the phone provider
  • TV / Satellite reception this should be addressed by the provider
  • Tree Roots and Drains -Tree roots typically invade drainage pipes which are already broken or damaged

Where there is justification, as part of good tree management, the Council may undertake appropriate tree work.


For further guidance please refer to the Management Plan for Trees and Woodland on West Lothian Council Owned Land [918KB]