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Guttering Repairs

Information on what will happen should we be working on the guttering of your council house.

What will happen?

We will be working on your guttering.  The work will take around two days and will involve:-

  • Erecting scaffolding, platforms or access equipment (where applicable)
  • Cleaning choked gutters and downpipes
  • Repairs to gutters and downpipes
  • Replacement of damaged gutters and downpipes

How it will happen

A surveyor will visit your property for around one hour. This is to make preparations for the work.

You will be advised, by letter of proposed dates for the work.  The work itself may be delayed by weather, in which case, additional dates will be notified.

Before starting work we will check the property for any damage and retain a photographic record for future reference for reinstatement and in the event of claims.

We will then carry out the programme of work and any repairs.

Within five days of the scaffold being removed, all remaining works will be finished and the external areas will get a final clean.

Landscaping will be returned to its original condition

Following completion, we will inspect the work and ask you to complete a satisfaction survey.

During the work

Occasionally we may have to locate a skip in your garden or driveway.

We will try to minimise the noise, dust and debris generated.

There may be a requirement to replace fasciae, soffits or other minor works.

We may have to disconnect and reconnect TV or satellite aerial cables resulting in disruption to your TV reception.

While most of the work is external there may need access your home to check internal soil vent / rainwater pipes.

We may ask you to supply us with cold tap water to allow us to flush & test rainwater goods and to clear up any waste from gutters spilt onto pathways.

What you need to do

  • Important: Where applicable, please notify your insurance company that scaffolding will be erected at your property (we will notify you if a scaffold is required).
  • If anyone in the property has any special needs or may be affected by this work you should let the surveyor and engineers know as soon as possible.
  • Please remove garden furniture prior to work.
  • Please keep your doors closed and windows in a vented position only. 
  • Please be aware of the need for our employees to access areas near your windows.
  • Ensuring access on the agreed dates is appreciated as it will minimise disruption to you.

Note that dates may change due to adverse weather conditions.

At all times

Before you allow anyone into your home please ask for identification.

All our employees and authorised contractors carry identification to be shown to you before entering your property.

Please call the supervisor number below if you have any concerns over this identification.

Cars in driveways

It is highly likely that you will need to remove your vehicle from the driveway. This will prevent possible damage and allow access for the work.

Health and Safety

Be cautious of the equipment, platforms and hoists that may in use.

Access areas and walkways will be kept clear of obstructions and mess at all times.  There may be debris in and around the scaffold areas which will be cleared when the scaffold is removed.

At the end of the Works

If you have any issues, comments or complaints about the works please contact us.