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Enhanced Estates Management

A dedicated Estates Management Team clean and maintain communal staircases, landings, entrance halls and other areas in and around blocks of flats and maisonettes on Council estates.

The Service includes:

  • Repairs to communal areas
  • Cleaning of communal areas
  • Maintenance of door entry systems
  • Uplifting of rubbish
  • Grass cutting and other grounds maintenance associated with the block
  • Sweeping of leaves
  • Gritting of footpaths
  • Dealing with lighting faults
  •  Abandoned vehicles removal

Each block is visited on a fixed schedule so that Residents know when to expect them and what will be done in their block. The  Enhanced Estates Management Service document [136KB]  gives more detail of what is included in the service.

What if repairs are needed to my block?

If a fault is found, during a block inspection and it cannot be repaired there and then, a 'Council Aware' sticker will be used to make residents aware that their block has been inspected and faults have been reported.

The 'Council Aware' stickers include the target completion date for the repair. These targets are consistent with agreed target dates. The stickers will be removed by the team once work is completed.

What happens if emergency or health & safety situations arise in my block between inspection visits?

The Team will also respond rapidly to emergency or health and safety situations which may arise in a block between the scheduled inspection and cleaning visits.

If such a situation arises in your block, please report it to your Local Office.

How will the Enhanced Estates Management Service be monitored?

If you have any complaints about the service to your block please contact your local Housing Office. Your Housing Officer will then inspect your block within 24 hours and take any necessary action to put the matter right.