Non Residential Care Financial Assessments

Financial Assessments for Non-Residential Social Care Services

West Lothian Council supports individuals to live at home independently, safely and for as long as possible. To help us continue providing non-residential social care and support to as wide a range of individuals as possible, everyone who undertakes an outcome based assessment of needs will be financially assessed to determine whether they should make a financial contribution towards the cost of their assessed eligible non-residential care and support charges.

The Financial Assessment Team will ensure that any service user subject to a financial assessment will be:

  • Entitled to be assessed for eligible care and support needs and services provided on that basis
  • Asked to contribute towards the cost of their eligible care and support where it is practicable for them to pay;
  • Required to contribute no more than the cost of providing their eligible care and support;
  • Provided with a financial assessment before any determination is made about the level of contribution they should make to their eligible care and support services;
  • Provided with a personal income check to provide them with information, advice and support to maximise and manage their income;
  • Treated in a transparent, fair and equitable manner;
  • Provided with information and assistance when they need it.
Any service user who receives a "chargeable service" will be assessed to determine how much they can afford to pay towards the cost of those services they receive; this is called a financial assessment.
What income and capital will be included in the assessment
What to do if you think your financial assessment might be wrong?