Occasional Licence

An occasional licence is required in terms of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 for the temporary sale of alcohol at a venue, or part of a venue, which is not covered by a premises licence and in certain circumstances for the sale of alcohol at members clubs where they are open to the public for specific events (see below for further information regarding clubs).

If you require an occasional licence within West Lothian then you must make an application under the 2005 Act to the West Lothian Licensing Board.

Any sale of alcohol requires to be licensed regardless of the quantity. This includes where alcohol is supplied by a club to one of its members and where it is supplied to a person under a contract, for example where a person purchases a ticket for an event that includes as part of the ticket the supply of alcohol.

An occasional licence would be appropriate where for example the holder of a premises licence wishes to make provision for the sale of alcohol at a wedding reception or other event held outside the boundaries of the licensed premises. Another example would be one-off events where the intention is to sell alcohol on a temporary basis for a specified time-period at a venue that is otherwise unlicensed. Such one-off events can range from large scale music concerts lasting over a number of days to smaller community based fundraising events organised by voluntary organisations.

Please note that, in accordance with section 10.5 of the Board's statement of licensing policy, in order to allow sufficient time for applications to be processed and determined, applications for occasional licences must be submitted at least 35 days prior to the date of the proposed event.  Ideally applications should be made at least three months before the event to allow plenty of time for the application to be processed and determined before the event. Late applications for emergency and unforeseen events will only be considered in certain circumstances. Please see below for further information regarding this.

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