Planning Enforcement

We investigate and enforce alleged breaches of planning control.

Where allegations are made that a development has been carried out without planning permission, or that conditions attached to a planning consent are not being complied with, we will investigate and seek to resolve any breaches of planning control that may have occurred. We support good neighbour relations and attempt to resolve issues by negotiation and only resort to taking formal action if other approaches have failed. 

The purpose of planning enforcement is to resolve a problem which has arisen because of unauthorised development rather than punish a mistake; we will not always take action if no harm is being caused by development, regardless of the need for planning permission.     

The council's Icon for pdf Enforcement Charter [673.43KB] gives information on the enforcement process and what action the council can take over a breach of planning control.

The planning enforcement team has powers to investigate:

  • Development carried out without planning permission
  • Breaches of conditions of planning consents
  • Other planning matters which give rise to concern over residential amenity
  • Unauthorised works to a tree protected by a Tree Preservation Order
  • Unauthorised works to a listed building
  • Unauthorised advertisements (note - we don't control the content, wording or images used in an advertisement. For that you will need to contact the Advertising Standards Authority.)

What the planning enforcement team cannot investigate:

  • Land ownership and boundary issues - these are not planning matters, and are normally dealt with by a solicitor. If the property is owned by the council, you should contact Property Services.
  • Issues not covered by planning legislation, such as noise. If we receive a complaint which is better dealt with by another service in the council or an external agency, we will pass it on to the appropriate service.

Report a breach of planning control

If you think that a breach of planning control has occurred and you would like us to investigate, please use the Enforcement Complaint form.

If you prefer you can write to us at: Planning Services (Enforcement), West Lothian Civic Centre, Howden South Road, Livingston, EH54 6FF.

Before you contact us please read our Icon for pdf Privacy Notice [106.51KB]


Enforcement Register

You can view theIcon for pdf Enforcement Register 2020 [27.14KB] , which gives details of all notices served by West Lothian Council so far this year. It will be updated whenever a new notice is served.

You can also view the Icon for pdf 2015 register [65.63KB] , the Icon for pdf 2016 register. [60.42KB]. the Icon for pdf 2017 register [82.8KB], the Icon for pdf 2018 register [65.95KB] and Icon for pdf 2019 register [51.14KB]

Please use this form to submit any complaints or queries you have over a development or use of land which is causing you concern.