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Elections and Voting

A UK Parliamentary election will be held on Thursday 4 July 2024. 

If you are interested in working at an election, please email (opens new window)


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Information on registering to vote, the voting process, how you can vote and where you can vote.
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Information on forthcoming elections including nominations and results of previous elections.
There is evidence that young people are under-represented in the electoral process (from getting on to the electoral register to voting). The council has an ongoing programme of events in schools throughout West Lothian with the aim of increasing participation in the electoral process.
Information and updates on election and voting news affecting West Lothian.
A new rule requires voters to show photo ID when they vote at polling stations. This only applies to UK General Elections. You will not need photo ID for Scottish Parliament elections or local council elections.
UK Parliamentary Election 4 July 2024 - information for candidates and election agents for:
The councils Elections Team are currently recruiting for both polling day and count staff in the run up to the 4 July 2024 General Election.
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Find out which councillors represent where you live and how to contact them.