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Pollution and How to Report It

Information on different types of pollution which exist including water pollution, noise pollution and air pollution, with information on how to report issues.

Responsibility for water quality and pollution is shared between West Lothian Council and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).
Environmental Health has responsibility for investigating most types of noise problems.
Updating and Screening Assessment Reports and also Progress Reports for Air Pollution.
Advice on asbestos.
An image relating to Contaminated Land
Land contamination typically arises from historical activities, which occurred at a time when there was less awareness or regulation to control or clean up substances entering our environment.
West Lothian has traditionally been considered free of Radon gas problems, but limited areas of West Lothian now carry a risk associated with Radon gas.
Artificial light is an important part of modern life. It has many uses including illumination of streets, roads and hazardous areas; for security lighting; to increase the hours of usage for outdoor sports and recreation facilities, to enhance the appearance of buildings at night. The increased use of lighting, however, can cause problems. Light in the wrong place, of the wrong type or at the wrong time can be intrusive.
Environmental Health will provide recommendations to Planning Officers on applications. These usually relate to avoiding environmental protection problems during or following development.
Environmental Health carries out routine monitoring of environmental radiation levels.