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Pollution and How to Report It

Pollution comes in a variety of forms. Find out about different kinds of pollution and how to report issues.

How to report the following issues:

Abandoned Vehicles

Environmental Enforcement Wardens deal with Abandoned vehicles in conjunction with the police. Find out how to report an abandoned vehicle.

Air/Atmospheric Pollution

Contact Environmental Health, although some large industrial premises are regulated by Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). Find out more about Air Pollution


Contact Environmental Health. Find out more about bonfires.

Contaminated Land

Contact Development Planning or find out more about Development Planning

Dog Fouling

Report dog fouling in public areas to our Environmental Education/Enforcement Officers. Environmental Health deals with dog fouling on private ground.


Contact Environmental Health.

Fly tipping

Report fly tipping to our Environmental Education/Enforcement Officers, who work in partnership with Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

Light Pollution

General light pollution is not something on which the council can intervene. However:

For more information, see Light Pollution


Report litter issues to our Environmental Education/Enforcement Officers.

Noise Pollution

Environmental Health are responsible, except:

Find out more about noise pollution.


Odour issues are dealt with by Environmental Health. These include:

Vehicle Emissions and Idling

Find out how to report vehicle emissions and idling.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is dealt with by Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Waste Management

Waste management is dealt with by Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Liaison with Planning

Environmental Health is a statutory consultee on planning applications. Planning Officers will consult Environmental Health where there are potential environmental protection matters relevant to an application. For more information, see Planning Application Consultations

Statutory Nuisance Law

Many environmental protection, housing and public health matters are dealt with using the law of Statutory Nuisance. Our Statutory Nuisance web page explains this law in more detail.