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Garden Waste Terms and Conditions


This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions of West Lothian Council's ("the Council") Household Garden Waste (Brown Bin) Collection Service ("the Service").

By agreeing to pay for the Service you ("the Customer") will be accepting these terms and conditions and the Council will issue a Garden Waste Permit ("the Permit"). A maximum of 2 Permits per domestic residence is permitted.

A Brown Bin Permit is required where the collection of food and garden waste is required by the Customer.

A Brown Bin Permit is not required where the Brown Bin will be used by the Customer for food waste only.


  • The Service applies to Council tax rated domestic premises only
  • All domestic residents living within the Council's boundary are eligible to apply to the Garden Waste Collection Service
  • In order to access the Service, the Customer is required to obtain a brown wheeled bin or other receptacle which may be specified by the Council, for the depositing of food waste, garden waste or other waste, as may be specified by the Council ("Brown Bin")
  • The Brown Bin should be obtained by the Customer prior to entering this Agreement. The Council will not be held accountable for any missed collections while the Customer waits for a wheeled bin to be delivered
  • Customers must have adequate storage space for their Brown Bin within the boundaries of their property and be able to accommodate them at all times

Brown Bin Presentation

  • The Council shall provide the Customer with a Brown Bin for the Customer to deposit their food waste in addition to garden waste. Information on what can be recycled in the brown bin is available on the Council's website at Brown Bins
  • Brown Bins must be presented for collection kerbside, so that they are accessible, by 7am on the designated collection day. All Brown Bins must be presented with the lid fully closed. Brown Bins that are presented after 7am, and are missed, will not be uplifted by the Council until the next scheduled collection day
  • Brown Bins which are overfilled and/or excessively heavy will not be uplifted
  • Only Brown Bins or other receptacle supplied or approved by the Council will be uplifted
  • Brown Bins are the property of the Council and must not be removed from the domestic residence
  • The Customer must fix the Permit to the Brown Bin in accordance with the Councils instructions when the Permit is issued. The Council will not uplift Brown Bins containing garden waste which do not display a valid Permit
  • Permits are non-transferable and are only valid when presented at the domestic residence for which they were originally purchased
  • The Council has no obligation under this Agreement to empty Brown Bins where they do not comply with these conditions

Missed Bin Collections

  • Collection errors or other conditions beyond the Council's control may result in Service disruption or missed collections. These can be found on the Council's website at Bin Collection Daily Updates

Security, Cleanliness, Maintenance & Ownership of Wheeled Bins

  • The Customer is responsible for the security of their Brown Bin, and for ensuring that it is maintained in a clean and hygienic condition
  • The Customer shall have responsibility for reporting any maintenance, including minor repairs such as broken wheels and lids
  • On request, Brown Bins that are stolen or damaged during collection will be replaced free of charge and the Permit will be re-issued. In these circumstances, no refunds on the Permit charge will be available for any collections missed while waiting for a new wheeled bin to be delivered.

Contamination of Recycling Bins or Non-Permitted Waste

  • The Council reserves the right not to uplift contaminated Brown Bins or Brown Bins that are:
    • suspected of containing incorrect materials;
    • of excessive weight;
    • in a dangerous condition; or
    • which may be detrimental to the health and safety of its employees
  • It shall be solely for the Council to determine if any wheeled bin meets any of the above criteria
  • No materials, other than those specified as Garden and Food Waste by the Council, will be accepted in Brown Bins. Full details of accepted items are available on the Council's website at Brown Bins.
  • Where Brown Bins are contaminated, the Council will attach a label to the Brown Bin indicating that it is rejected for uplift due to contamination and/or incorrect presentation
  • The Customer shall be responsible for the waste and recycling that is contained in their Brown Bin and will be required to remove any contamination identified. Should the Customer do so, the wheeled bin will be collected on the next scheduled collection day
  • The Council does not take any responsibility for contaminated Brown Bins and the Customer shall indemnify the Council in respect of all costs, charges, expenses and liabilities that arise out of any Brown Bin which is contaminated by the Customer (or any third party)
  • If repeated contamination of the customer's Brown bin occurs, the Council reserves the right to withdraw their Permit by giving immediate written notice and arranging removal of the Brown Bin. No refunds of the Permit charge will be given for any collections missed while the service has been withdrawn

Prices and Contract Period

  • The charging term lasts for a 12 month period from 1 June to 31 May. The contract with each Customer runs from the date of Permit purchase until the end of the charging term
  • The annual fee is £50 for up to two brown bins per household. A maximum of 2 Brown Bins and Permits are available to domestic residents. No discounts or concessions are available and Permit charges are not pro-rated for in year purchases
  • The Council will publish information about when Permit applications can be made, on its webpage - Brown Bins. The new permit purchase process will open annually in April in advance of the permit year starting. Exact timings will be confirmed through the Council's Social Media channels and through the West Lothian Bulletin.
  • A valid Permit is required for each individual Brown Bin presented for collection up to a maximum of 2 per domestic residence
  • The Council reserves the right to vary the Permit charge, charges will be set annually, and the Permit cost will be published by the Council

Registration and Payment

  • Permits can be purchased online at Brown Bins or by calling the Customer Service Centre on 01506 280000.
  • Payments are accepted via Credit / Debit Card.
  • The Council will aim to deliver Permits within a maximum of 21 days following payment.

Change of address

  • If the Customer moves home they will be required to purchase a new Permit for their new home unless a Permit for it already exists
  • All Permits must remain with the property they are registered to
  • The Customer shall be unable to transfer existing Permits to a new address and no refund will be issued


  • The application for Permit can be cancelled within 14 days of purchase to receive a full refund, thereafter it can be cancelled at any time but no refunds or part refunds will be given. Customers must return their Permit within 14 days of purchase to be eligible for a refund
  • To exercise the right to cancel, the Customer must inform the Council of their decision to cancel the application for Permit. Notification must be given via the online form available at Brown Bins or by calling the Customer Service Centre on 01506 280000.

Service Cancellation or Suspension

  • Where Brown Bin collections are cancelled or suspended due to emergency, industrial action, adverse weather or road conditions, or other circumstances out-with the Council's control, no refunds will be offered. Collections will re-commence as soon as circumstances permit. Information about Service re-commencement arrangements will be published by the Council at Bin Collection Daily Updates

Use of Community Recycling Centres

  • The Customer is entitled to use the Council's Community Recycling Centres to dispose of their domestic garden waste free of charge
  • Information about the Councils Waste Recycling Centres can be found on its webpage at Community Recycling Centres