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Cemeteries, Churchyards and War Memorials

West Lothian Council manages and maintains all council owned cemeteries, churchyards and war memorials.

We offer a fully comprehensive service to anyone requiring advice or assistance with this matter. We also make provision and arrangements for Muslim burials.

The cemeteries staff provide a comprehensive burial service to the public, and deal with the sale of lairs, interments (or burials), and issue permission to put up headstones.

Visitor Information

Visitors to our cemeteries office must first request an appointment prior to arrival,  please call on 01506 280000 to arrange a suitable date and time.

Only card payments can be taken, unfortunately cash payments can no longer be made.

Fees and Payments effective from 1 April 2019

Sale of Lair

  • All cemeteries: £597.30
  • Cremation Lair - (Four sets of ashes): £238.20

Interment Fees

  • Adult: £570.12
  • 6-18 years: No charge
  • Stillborn and up to 5 years (including cremated remains): No charge
  • Cremated Remains: £123.00

Other Charges

  • Duplicate Certificate: £23.34
  • Transfer Certificate: £23.34

Headstone Applications - Adambrae, Kingscavil, Fauldhouse (New Extension), Hermand Park, Woodbank (New Extension) - Strip Foundation

  • Headstone under 3 feet high: £96.80
  • Headstone over 3 feet high: £140.04

Headstone applications - other cemeteries

  • Headstones under 3 feet high: £58.08
  • Headstones over 3 feet high: £95.51

Adambrae Cemetery, Livingston

  • Memorial Planter - 10 Year Lease: £393.02
  • Memorial Planter - 20 Year Lease: £468.92

The charges for services out with normal hours (i.e. 9.30am to 3.00pm Monday to Thursday, 9.30am to 2.30pm Friday and 9.30am to 11.00am Saturday and on specified Public Holidays) will be increased by 50% and services on Sunday and other Public Holidays will be increased by 100%.

Burial Records

If undertaking Family History or Genealogy searches, please contact:-

To request an appointment and visit our cemeteries office in person: Please first telephone 01506 280000.

Cemetery Management Rules

Approval has been given for the Cemetery Management Rules by the Council Executive and these can be viewed below.

East Calder Cemetery Plan

Service Standards

We Will:

  • Arrange interments within 24 hours of receipt of full details
  • Keep burial and lair registers records and make these available for the public to read during normal office hours
  • Pre-sell lairs, where cemeteries have sufficient capacity and are unrestricted
  • Ensure that sufficient cemetery provision is made to allow West Lothian people to be buried within West Lothian if they so wish
  • Provide special facilities for Muslim burials and the interment of babies
  • Advise customers of any restrictions applying to the erection of headstones and memorials, tributes or other items which may be left on lairs and give authorisation to erect approved headstones or memorials within five working days of receipt of an application
  • Leave floral tributes in place for at least 30 days after an interment and keep other tributes such as teddy bears for at least 30 days after interments
  • Treat the deceased and their relatives sensitively and with proper consideration and respect
  • Ensure the Council's cemeteries are always tidy and well maintained

Frequently Asked Questions

Do other councils have cemetery rules?

Yes, many councils already have rules which prohibit fences and railings, including: East Lothian, Midlothian, Glasgow, Dundee and Falkirk.

Do councils need Cemetery Management Rules?

Yes, the Scottish Parliament recently passed a bill for Burial and Cremation (Scotland). Although not law just now, this will require burial authorities to manage burial grounds, including structures and memorabilia; Part 1 of the Bill sets out the recommendations of the ministers.

The bill requires Royal Ascent, which it is expected to receive in May 2016 and thereafter will become the Burial and Cremation (Scotland) act 2016.

I'm a lair holder do I need to do anything?

Less than 1% of the lairs are potentially affected. Lair holders don't need to do anything, the council will be in touch with you if there is an issue.

Will the council be removing all decorative fixtures, railings and memorabilia from existing lairs?

Only where existing fences, kerbs, railings and/or any other memorabilia are encroaching on an adjacent lair or to facilitate a new interment.

Was there any consultation?

A four-month consultation started in August 2015.

How was this consultation publicised?

The consultation was reported in the West Lothian Courier on 23 July 2015 on page 18 and in the council's newspaper Bulletin, which is distributed to every household, in August 2015. It was also published online on the council website.

Who participated in the consultation?

Local clergy, monumental masons, funeral directors, community councils were all sent a direct link to the consultation survey on the draft cemetery management rules. In addition to these specific groups, the Citizens Panel, Equality Forums and health improvement in later life group were also invited to participate. The general public was invited to comment via the Bulletin.

When is the new policy being implemented?

The new policy was approved at the start of March 2016 and it will be implemented from the start of May 2016.

How do these management rules affect new interments?

The new management rules and terms and conditions will prohibit the erection of any new railings, kerbing, fencing and corner stones and gravel. Memorial flowers, wreaths and other small artefacts of remembrance will still be permitted within the headstone area and lair as per the terms and conditions set out in the Cemetery Management Rules.