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Food Growing

West Lothian Council supports all forms of community food growing, from allotments and community gardens to community planters and fruit trees in public spaces.

Growing food can be a cheap way to eat healthily as well as a great way to get some exercise and also relax.

Deans Meadow
Growing herbs, fruit and vegetables can also help to support wildlife, such as hoverflies, butterflies and bees. And gardening can be a very social activity too. 

There are currently six active allotment sites in West Lothian (many privately-run) and fifteen community gardens. There are also other, less formal community growing initiatives throughout the area and many schools grow food in their grounds as well.

Food Growing Strategy

The West Lothian Council Food Growing Strategy 2020-25 has been formally adopted and supersedes the previous WLC Allotment Strategy. The Food Growing Strategy can be viewed here:  

The Food Growing Strategy was produced as part of our duties within the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015:


The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 Part 9 Section 121 states that each local authority must prepare and publish an annual allotments report for its area. The most up to date report by West Lothian Council is  Allotment Report 12 September 2023 [698KB] .

Community Food Outlets

For community food-growing groups looking to donate any excess produce, you can contact your local community food outlet. Click on this link to find your nearest outlet and their contact details: Access to Food


If you would like to help grow in your community, view the lists below for contact details of the known community growing initiatives in West Lothian. You can also view a map of these and other initiatives by clicking - Google Map – Food Growing sites in West Lothian (opens new window)

Site nameOwnersNo. plotsGroup nameContact info
Killandean AllotmentWest Lothian Council - leased to group46Killandean Community Allotment AssociationEmail: Killandean Allotments (opens new window)

FB: Killandean Allotments - Facebook (opens new window)

Deans Meadow AllotmentWest Lothian Council - leased to group22Deans Meadow Allotment AssociationEmail: (opens new window)
Linlithgow AllotmentsPrivate72Linlithgow and District Allotment Association Committee

Website: Linlithgow and District Allotment Society (opens new window)

Kirknewton AllotmentsPrivate30Kirknewton Allotment AssociationWebsite:
Kirknewton Allotments Association (opens new window)
Harburn AllotmentsPrivate75n/aEmail: Harburn Allotments (opens new window)

FB: Harburn Allotments - Facebook (opens new window)

Winchburgh AllotmentsPrivate26n/aEmail: (opens new window)
Roukenglen Allotments (technically in Falkirk, but on the border with West Lothian)Private (Garden Centre)195n/aEmail: Roukenglen Allotments (opens new window)

FB: Roukenglen Allotments - Facebook (opens new window)

Community Gardens

Site nameOwnersNo. plotsGroup nameContact info
Community Woods and Garden, Polbeth and West CalderWest Lothian Council - leased West Calder and Harburn Community

Website: Community Woods and Garden, Polbeth and West Calder (opens new window)


Knightsridge Community GardenWest Lothian Councilsome starter plotsThe Vennie

Email:Knightsridge Community Garden (opens new window)

FB: Knightsridge Community Garden - Facebook (opens new window)

Beechbrae (Blackridge)Charity owned Beechbrae (charity)

Email:Beechbrae email (opens new window)

FB:Beechbrae Facebook (opens new window)

Insta:Beechbrae Instagram (opens new window)

Website:Beechbrae (opens new window)

Craigshill Community GardensAlmond Housing  Growing Together Project/

West Lothian Youth Action Project

Email: Craigshill Community Gardens (Growing Together) (opens new window)

FB: Youth Action Project - Facebook (opens new window)

Website: Growing Together Project (opens new window)

Pumpherston Community GardenWest Lothian Council Pumpherston and Uphall Station Community CouncilContact the Community Council
Whitburn Community GardenWest Lothian Council Some raised bedsWhitburn and District Community Development TrustEmail: Whitburn Community Garden (opens new window)
Murieston Community GardenWest Lothian Council  Murieston Community Garden 

Email: Murieston Community Garden (opens new window)

Website: Murieston Community Garden (opens new window)

FB: Murieston Community Garden (opens new window)

Old Bowling Green (Maree Walk, Craigshill)West Lothian Council West Lothian Youth Action Project 
Strathbrock Community GardenWest Lothian Council Broxburn & Uphall Growers SocietyEmail:Broxburn and Uphall Growers Society (opens new window)
Auldcathie District Park (Winchburgh)Winchburgh Developments Ltd Winchburgh Community Growing GroupWebsite:Winchburgh Community Growing Group (opens new window)
Addiewell Community GardenWest Lothian Council Addiewell Community Council 
Ladywell Community GardenWest Lothian Council Ladywell Community Council 
Crofthead Community GardenWest Lothian Council Crofthead Farm Community Education Centre 
Howden Park Walled GardenWest Lothian Council TCV - Ladywell and Howden Green Health ProjectEmail:TCV - Ladywell and Howden Green Health Project (opens new window)

Orchards and Forest Gardens

Site nameOwnersGroup nameContact info
Winchburgh - various sitesWest Lothian CouncilWinchburgh Community Growing Group

Email: Winchburgh Community Growing Group (opens new window)

FB: Winchburgh Community Growing Group - Facebook (opens new window)

Website: Winchburgh Community Growing Group (opens new window)

Kirkton Park (Bathgate)West Lothian CouncilFriends of Kirkton ParkFB: Friends of Kirkton Park
Beechbrae  (Blackridge) Charity ownedBeechbrae

Email: Beechbrae (opens new window)

FB: Beechbrae (opens new window)

Website: Beechbrae (opens new window)

Xcite Linlithgow, Beechwood, The Vennel (Linlithgow)West Lothian CouncilLinlithgow Community Development Trust/Burgh Beautiful Linlithgow

Website: Linlithgow Burgh Trust (opens new window)

Lanthorn Park, DedridgeWest Lothian CouncilWest Lothian CouncilContact West Lothian Council
Murieston Wildflower Meadow and OrchardWest Lothian CouncilMurieston Community CouncilFB:Murieston Community Garden (opens new window)
Broxburn - Holmes Park, Glebe park. Uphall - Millbank ParkWest Lothian CouncilBroxburn and Uphall Growers Society (BUGS) - fruit trees and bushes in parks

Email: Broxburn and Uphall Growers Society (opens new window)

FB: Broxburn and Uphall Growers Society (BUGS) (opens new window)

General Community Growing

Site nameOwnersGroup nameContact info
West Calder - planters in village/town centreWest Lothian CouncilWest Calder CDT FB: West Calder CDT - Facebook (opens new window)
Broxburn / Uphall - planters at  various sitesWest Lothian Council/privateBroxburn and Uphall Growers Society (BUGS)

Email: Broxburn and Uphall Growers Society (opens new window)

FB: Broxburn and Uphall Growers (BUG) - Facebook (opens new window)

Winchburgh  - planters at various sitesWest Lothian Council/privateWinchburgh Community Growing Group

Email: Winchburgh Community Growing Group (opens new window)

FB:Winchburgh Community Growing Group - Facebook (opens new window)

Website: Winchburgh Community Growing Group (opens new window)

Linlithgow -various sitesWest Lothian CouncilBurgh Beautiful Linlithgow

Website: Linlithgow Burgh Trust (opens new window)

Linlithgow - various Linlithgow Community Development Trust

FB:Linlithgow Community Development Trust (opens new window)

Website: Linlithgow Community Development Trust


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