Access to Food

Everyone in our society should have access to food. Too many people are trapped in the grip of poverty and find themselves unable to meet one of their most basic needs; food. By working together in West Lothian, we can help individuals to access the right help and support to ensure their needs are met.

Many people are turning to emergency food provision, such as food banks, to ensure that they can put food on the table.  Between April 2018 and March 2019, almost 3000 West Lothian Foodbank vouchers were issued to individuals and families to keep them from going hungry. 

A number of organisations and projects exist across West Lothian with the aim of addressing food insecurity. Innovative community initiatives such as communal fridges and pantries, shared meals and community gardens are helping to provide an invaluable lifeline to people struggling to keep their head above water. 

Use the map below to find details of food projects in your local area: