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Countryside and Urban Access

West Lothian is a large urban dominated area, however our countryside is a valuable resource for the environment and recreation.

  • Core Paths Plan

    Core paths are paths, waterways or any other means of crossing land to facilitate, promote and manage the exercise of access rights under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, and are identified as such in access authority core paths plans.

  • Tree Management

    We can give general advice on trees, as well as being responsible for maintaining trees in our ownership or care.

  • Countryside Access Forum

    Local access forums are statutory advisory bodies which aims to deliver a balanced representation of land managers, participants in outdoor access, communities and public agencies.

  • Scottish Outdoor Access Code

    Enjoying Scotland's outdoors responsibly

  • Core Paths and Rights of Way Issues

    Should you encounter issues with any core paths or rights of way in West Lothian, you can report them using the online form below.