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Blue Badge

The Blue Badge Scheme provides a national arrangement across the UK and a partnership arrangement in other European Union member states.

The scheme is designed to help severely disabled people live independent lives by knowing that when they reach their destination, either as a passenger or driver, that they will be able to park near to the venue and therefore have easier access to the services they want to use.

The Blue Badge parking concessions only allow badge holders to park on-street. They do not apply to off-street car parks, such as supermarket car parks or on privately owned roads. However there may be special concessions for badge holders in these areas and you should check for signs.

Cost of a Blue Badge

West Lothian Council will charge an administration fee of £20 for all applications received from 01 April 2018. The £20 charge also applies to replacing lost, stolen, or misplaced badges. A blue badge can be valid for up to three years.

There will not be a charge for applicants who can evidence that they are in receipt of a DS1500 form.

Your personal details

All personal information that you supply will be used to process your application for a blue badge in accordance with data protection law. The information that you supply will be used to process your application and for fraud prevention. We will share your information with the following:

  • Medical practitioners identified by you in your application
  • Police and parking enforcement officers
  • Government Agencies for fraud prevention i.e HMRC, DWP and Audit Scotland
  • Supplier used to produce the badge

We will not share your information with anyone else unless required to do so by law. We will keep your personal information for 6 years from receipt of your application.

Data Protection law gives you a number of rights including the right to make a complaint about the handling of your personal information. Complaints should be submitted to the Information Commissioner's Office or the Council's Data Protection Officer. Further details can be found on the Data Protection Section of our website.

The full Privacy Notice for the Blue Badge Scheme is available within the Related Documents section of this page.