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Murieston Initiative SCIO- Enhancing Murieston Village Hall - £25,000

Murieston Initiative SCIO operate and manage Murieston Village Hall, providing community space for childcare, social welfare, education and entertainment. Murieston Initiative SCIO aim to make the hall financially sustainable so that it can be used by local groups for at least the next 10 years while the community works out a plan to allow an asset transfer and development of the extended community facilities.

Murieston Village Hall is used extensively for childcare by Simply Play. However, restrictions on child segregation for regulated childcare organisations mean that the hall cannot currently be used for other activities at the same time, even though there is space available. This means that lets are restricted and makes the hall unviable as it is. The hall has two rooms: the Edinburgh room which is more suited to childcare; and the Glasgow room which is more suited to adult activities. Murieston Initiative SCIO aim to carry out renovations which will allow simultaneous use of the Glasgow room by adults at the same time as youth groups use the Edinburgh room.

Therefore, Murieston Initiative SCIO, have applied for £25,000 to develop this plan by restructuring the outside grounds to provide a private fenced-in segregated natural play area at the back of the hall; and refurbishing the Glasgow room to make it more attractive for adult events.